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Museum-hopping and the Poo Drink

Day 10


I thought I might wake up late without the alarm, but woke up I did at 5 a.m. I have no idea why, I tried to force myself back to sleep but just couldn't. After tossing around for an hour or so, I decided I am now too awake to go back to sleep. So I got up, took a shower, got dressed and marched towards my new room tonight. Checked-in, left my luggage, and started the day's activities.

My first stop is the Reunification Palace, had pho for breakfast along the way. Tastes better than those in Hanoi, but still nothing incredible. It took me 30 minutes or so to reach the palace. Seems like I am the first visitor! Spent an hour walking around in there, and by the time I left, there was a considerable crowd already.

The Reunification Palace

Conference Room

Cabinet Meeting Room

Banquet Room

Map Room

President's Office

President's Bedroom



Outside View

Commanding Room during war time (basement level)

Spare Radio Station, in case the radio station is destroyed by enemies

President's bedroom during combat duty. So where will his wife be?

Next stop is the War Remnants' Museum. It's a museum more focused on pictorials rather than artifacts. Quite well done and pretty informative. Telling history by means of pictures is moving and overwhelming at the same time. Some of the pictures -- people crying beside their dead loved ones; brave photographers who died or went missing in the course of war; soldiers holding up heads of those beheaded; the tragic fate of Agent Orange victims… It just brings tears to the eyes. I spent a good two hours there, registering the power of photographs.

War Remnant's Museum


War statistics





By now the weather has turned hot again, and I am feeling hungry. It's not even noon yet! I wanted some air-con, so went to a café for lunch. With meals being priced in the middle-range, I can't understand why the staff here don't know a word of English either? I have gotten quite used to this anyway, so I just pointed at something on the menu. Turns out to be pork-chop rice. Tastes ok.

Saigon traffic. Everyone is a masked crusader!

There is a famous coffee place nearby which serves weasel coffee. What is weasel coffee? Well, elsewhere it is usually referred to as civet coffee, but there is no Vietnamese word for civet, the closest being weasel, thus the name. Then, what is civet coffee? Well, civet coffee is coffee made from coffee berries which have been eaten by and passed through the digestive tract of the Asian Palm Civet and other related civets. The civets eat the berries, but the beans inside pass through their system undigested. So basically the coffee beans come from the civet's poo. However, there is so limited civet, and even more limited civet poo, so real civet coffee is extremely expensive. The company that owns this famous coffee place is Trung Nguyen, which developed an enzyme treatment process that mimics the changes produced in the coffee beans by the civet and produces a coffee every bit as distinctive and good as the genuine article but at a much cheaper price (and, fortunately, without any involvement from the weasels!).

Trung Nguyen Coffee

Ok, all the talk about weasel coffee. So how did it taste? Sorry, sold out. So I didn't have the chance to try it. Very disappointing!! I settled with something else, and I can't remember what it is. Anyway, that gives me something to do when I come to Vietnam again next time.

The coffee that did not leave a deep impression.

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you've really got your journey jotted down in detail..after half a year time you still remember every single things.

by AdelineWon

Hey, surprised to know you are still following this travel blog. I stopped for so long so I thought everyone has given up on it... Haha... Thanks for leaving a comment. Everything here is copied from the notebook which I used to note down my feelings and experiences when I travel. Nothing to do with a good memory.

by abellim

Ic...then jst complete the whole journey den...wat takes u so long to finish 'copy n paste'-ing it???

by AdelineWon

Umm... When I say "notebook", I really mean a book that you use to write notes on, which means the type which you can flip and use without power supply, monitor, keyboard and stuff like that.

So.... that means I have to look through my notes, switch on my computer, type out the words, upload the photographs.. You get the point. That takes time, and unfortunately that is something which I don't have enough.

Anyway, I will make sure I finish this before starting my next trip.

by abellim

ahhaahha...tat's a very 'detail' description. i believe even a caveman would understand.

Ic... i was really wondering 'do u really have so much strength to pack all the lappy,charger,mouse everywhere'????

when is ur next trip??? and where to???

by AdelineWon

Laos. Flying on 23 January. One week.

by abellim

u really have hols..

by AdelineWon

Wah. You comment very fast ya...

This time with Andrew. The one in my room.

by abellim

hhaa...yea..am in front PC doin my talk.

oh .. nice to hv him can ask him to snap more photos.. i noe he is so into the photography world now..haha..

i'm going to aus for 3 weeks to visit my aunt n some congs over there too...31 dec till 19 jan.

by AdelineWon

Ya. Now a lot of people crazy about photography.

I prefer to be more casual.

Wish you a good trip, and......

Focus on your talk lah!

by abellim

ya. but there's a diff between ppl who follow trend and ppl who really hv heart in it.

i prefer to be casually Pro.

wish u a nice trip too, and.......

I'm DONE with it d lah!

by AdelineWon

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