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Vietnamese TV is very strange....

Day 09 (part 2)


The day was hot, and I came across this shopping building that sells only electronics. I went to the level where they sell TV, got a seat, and watched whatever was showing on TV, and did some reading in between. Got hungry soon, so went across the road to get some pastries from the bakery. They have a café, so I got a seat upstairs and continued eating and reading. All of a sudden it rained, and I am truly happy that I was not out in the open.

Strange looking building

Vietnamese are as curious and busybody as Malaysians when things happen on the road!

By the time the rain stopped, I had finished my novel already. I went out, and walked to Ben Thanh Market. Lots of stuff but mostly catered to tourist. By 6 p.m. many stalls have already started packing.

A huge roundabout in the city central.

Ben Thanh Market

On my way back to the hotel, I passed by a few book exchange stores. Most of the books require me to pay 20k or 30k Dong extra on top of the old book I have. I don't plan on spending any money on books, so I left. Then passed by a hotel which seemed closed this morning. Went in to check the price, they have a nice room for USD10! Only problem is low ceiling, otherwise very nice. Sometimes it's good to be short ya! I reserved the room and paid a deposit. At the lobby I chatted with a Singaporean who is travelling from Saigon up north and planning to go Laos. So I shared with him some of my experiences around places.

Went back to the hotel, and I noticed there were some old books at the lobby, so I asked if I can exchange. To my surprise, he said yes, just choose whatever I want. So I exchanged my book for another one, for free. 80k Dong I paid for the first book and now I am on my third, pretty good huh? I decided to go out and pack dinner, at the same time exchange another USD10. This is going to be my last bunch of Vietnamese Dong, so will try to spend it all before leaving Vietnam. Bought some street food for dinner. The carrot cake tastes good, different from the Malaysian style, but I cannot say the same about Vietnamese chee cheong fun.

As I actually paid attention to the Vietnamese TV channels for the first time today, I noticed something. Some of the shows were chinese, dubbed in Vietnamese, but the way they dub is really…… Initially I thought they were making some special announcements or emergency news during the programme as it's all female voices and I can hear the original dialogue in the background. But after some time I realised that they don't care about the character's gender when they dub, so a guy can have a female Vietnamese voice and a girl can have a male Vietnamese voice. And it can all be the same person doing the dubbing! Furthermore the original dialogue is not totally muted, so what you get is something really funny. I hope you know what I am babbling about. Anyway, spent the rest of the night reorganizing my luggage and prepare for tomorrow's meeting.

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can imagine the dubbing part.. ha ha.
i suppose the worst dubbing ever~!?

by AdelineWon

Ya... The strangest I ever seen/heard. But quite amusing too....

by abellim

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